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It could get shutdown without warning 25 May or after as that is the EU deadline for compliance and Nexus is hosted in the United Kingdom.

Use at your own risk. Some people are finding that even after updating NMM to v0. This seems to be resolved by this suggestion from user ElysianMod:.

What most recently changed as far as what you have deliberately done to your game is concerned: New, updated, or removed mods or plugins?

Did any of the following which interact with the game get updated or changed recently. They are prime suspects if nothing in the game itself changed:.

If you have recently "verified local files" or "re-installed" the game, try renaming both the INI files in the "C: There might have been some unexpected changes.

Rename to anything you choose. I usually just add to the extension: The purpose is to be able to examine the old files for things you want to be able to replicate in the new versions of the same file.

Check that log in the game's root folder: Note that writing a file to disk is one of the slowest things a program will do. Having "logging" enabled will have some impact on performance, the degree of which will depend upon your system.

Those mods need to see it when they are installed. Is your version of Windows 32 or bit? INI changes to use more than 2GB of memory.

See this GB game memory limits and solutions article. They install to different locations. There is a reason MS makes both versions available.

Did you turn off any "anti-virus" checking software before patching? They see any attempts to alter programs as "malware".

Are you using an ENB preset? Alters the graphics environment, including INI changes. If you aren't sure, then probably not.

This is a "third party tool" you would have to manually add. You should wait until you have a stable game before adding a "post-processor" like it to the mix.

Anti-aliasing, ambient occlusion, anisotropic sample size, v-sync, anything else that is mentioned. If you didn't install either of these then the question does do not apply.

If you don't like LOOT's results, or wish total control over your LO, see the wiki article Load order and you for an approach to organizing the LO and creating a "merge patch" file to manually resolve conflicts.

Do you have more than active plugins in your LO, or more than plugins installed active or not in the game DATA folder?

The game can have problems with anywhere from roughly active, or too many installed, depending upon your system. This may manifest in any number of strange ways to include apparent missing meshes and textures that were there before, along with CTDs.

If you are having a "red icon" problem, see the ArchiveInvalidation by Manager sub-topic. Are you missing any of the "game fixer" mods?

Vanilla game bugs sub-topic for a list of specific recommendations. Rebuilds LOD quadrants quads , which are "load order" dependent.

See the wiki tutorial Missing Masters. Are you using a Wrye Flash Bashed Patch or a manually created "merge patch" file?

Resolves record level conflicts. Use of "Mod Organizer" is not required. Use the Wrye Bash Pictorial Guide to quickly get functional with "Wrye Flash", which I think is the easier approach for a novice modder.

If you are using "Wrye Flash" to create a "Bashed Patch", have you gotten all "green" checkboxes for all your mods? See the first post in the pinned thread Fallout New Vegas Beginners guide to modding by gromulos.

Was there an update to a mod that has been included in a "merged plugins" or "merge patch" file? Rebuild the "merge" file.

Did any system or driver updates occur? Third party processes might be the cause if nothing else changed. Does your hardware meet the game's minimum requirements?

Have you tried running the game in "windowed mode"? This has been known to unexpectedly fix CTDs and "out of memory" errors on some older hardware.

Try turning off any unnecessary background processes, such as "anti-virus" or "anti-malware" programs unneeded if you are running your game in "offline" mode , multiplayer "overlays" like "OverWolf" this is single-player after all , the Steam overlay, etc.

Finally, the problem might be an overheating hardware component. This usually shows up after a period of time which is typically fairly consistent but unpredictable as to when it manifests.

Try installing and keeping an eye on a temperature monitor, such as Speedfan freeware. Your motherboard manufacturer probably has one available as well.

And it never hurts to clean out any dust collecting in the computer case. Be sure to block any fans from rotating when you blow it out, so they don't send any unfiltered power surges through the system.

This is the reliable method to get a mod's own texture and mesh files utilized, assuming you have properly installed those "assets". This post on manual invalidation explains the problem and history quite well.

Check you have "ArchiveInvalidation" AI enabled. You may need to "toggle" it off and then on again. For the older games prior to Skyrim [Curator: Gamebryo Engine based] a BSA redirection plugin has to be installed.

Please note that this will create a new mod called "Vortex Archive Invalidation". You can disable or remove that mod like any other but for invalidation to work you should keep it enabled on every profile.

If you have to isolate a mod conflict, try first "disabling" half your mods, and testing. If the problem disappears, then you know the mod conflict lies in the "disabled" half of the mods.

Re-enable half of the "disabled" half of the mods i. Keep repeating this "halving the remainder" process until you have narrowed it down to the mod that causes the problem only when it is active.

This is the quickest way to isolate a problem mod. For FNV a "clean save" from an existing game save seems to be just a "full save" file not a "quick save" that has been loaded, displayed the "missing content" message for the disabled plugin s , and you continued on into the game; and then waiting about 10 seconds for scripts to initialize before saving again.

This is a minimal clean save procedure. If you appear to still have "residue" remaining after trying this procedure, try the more complete process laid out in the Tes4Mod: However, it is usually preferable to test using a "new" game "full save" file from just after you create a "new" character with a different name.

This avoids the possible issue of any corruption or problems "burned into" the save file. If disabling mods does not pin down the culprit, then you have to uninstall them to completely remove their influence, because they overwrote something which is causing the problem.

You can use the same "halving" technique but often it will be quicker to just uninstall everything and start over from a "vanilla" game that you have tested has no problems.

If you uninstalled and re-installed the game but even without mods it crashes on startup, likely you forgot to clear out your "C: Try renaming the "Users" folder INI files first.

Then if that fails: If you have to re-install again anyway, be sure to install to a folder that is not under the default "C: Actually, you should move your game from the default location regardless, but I realize this is unwelcome advice to most people.

It is still the single best "fix" you can do for yourself. When the above is not sufficient to resolve your problem, please report what steps you have tried so we don't waste time suggesting you repeat something.

In such cases, report the actual steps: We need to know you didn't miss or misinterpret something. It's always useful to post your Load Order in "Spoiler" tags.

Screenshots are not the best way to convey your LO, because they usually can't include everything in one image and make it difficult to determine if you have too many plugins.

It's under the ": Most "mod managers" have a similar "LO List" capability. But the total number of mods you have installed in the DATA folder is also important, because even inactive plugins are counted against the so-called " cap".

On 01 Jun , GOG. As "DRM-free", they do not communicate with Steam. They have been modified to work with the GOG Galaxy client, which is similar to Steam's Client for an online community.

Thanks to vulchor and pixelhate on the Nexus "New Vegas Technical Support" forum for quickly assisting with the following information:. You get the error message: Your game may not launch correctly.

Sometimes it is necessary to turn off the Steam Overlay in the Steam Client in order to resolve a conflict. Errors such as a "Preparing to Launch" message loop, or nothing apparently happening when you click to start any Steam game, or system error messages ask to troubleshoot Steam.

How do I get the audio in one language e. Various methods to start the "enplczru" version of the game Eastern Europe: Normally this error indicates the Steam Client app is not running, but in this instance it is merely the closest guess by the game as to the cause of the problem.

This is what I did and I have no idea which one of these steps fixed it but there is no harm in doing all of these, please bear with me:.

You should get a version number. When you open the launcher, it functions as it should with the music in the background.

Also have audio by the time the main menu loads. Whenever you load a game, the loading screen with the roulette wheel has no audio and this screen will freeze for one to two seconds as evidenced by the ball in the roulette wheel stopping.

Screen will then go black for a few seconds, and the game will load, but have no audio at this point and there is severe lag.

As many people prefer to view a video over reading instructions, the following "setup" tutorial is recommended:. The foundation of game performance is to first optimize your system for gaming.

The wrong settings can actually hurt performance, and the defaults are very conservative. Best to leave all three alone.

Unless the camera is pointed at the sky or your feet, the ground and all other textures disappear. Messages would become "black boxes", the entire screen becomes black and occasionally flash different colors.

Eventually after a short period of time the game will CTD. All visual stuttering problems are caused by the video stream having to wait for the "art assets" required to render the display.

Keep in mind that this game was designed for older PC and XBox console systems, and it is now possible for your new "latest and greatest" gaming machine to be faster than it can handle.

There are internal design choices that cannot be overcome. The following are "mitigations" that have been found to help some people.

The NPCs in the background are following their AI routines at a greatly accellerated speed or twitching while standing idle. The ambient music is choppy in both vanilla and modded games.

This doesn't happen to the radio music during normal gameplay, but does during loading screens or transitioning between tracks i.

A "weird" AmbientFX special effect noise appears during combat freqently by firing a Laser weapon and won't terminate unless you either quit the game or reload a save game.

Everything ambient sound, footsteps, dialogue, radio announcer is working fine except the radio music is missing.

Unless you are running a LAN, there are some default configuration settings you can change to improve your Internet download performance and reduce system memory use.

It may also reduce incidents of CTDs. If the Vsync is turned off, gamers might obtain a higher frame rate but this action may introduce artifacts in the game.

Vsync can also have an effect on "lag". The purpose of Vsync is to eliminate "tearing", a disjointed image. It's a debugging tool used for testing cell and reference loading, not a magic fix for memory problems.

Overly aggressive purging will cause stutter as purged cells have to be loaded from disk into memory for rendering. Use the above INI settings if you want the game to clear buffers more aggressively than it does by default.

There are differences in the hardware "buss" bandwidth, buffers, and speed used by both. GPUs are optimized for high precision numbers and complex mathematical and geometric calculations which are necessary to render graphics.

Some CPUs particularly laptops sacrifice precision math processing to reduce power drain and increase battery life, and their "onboard" video chips come without dedicated VRAM for video memory they have to share system RAM.

In particular pay attention to the neglected role of "L-caches". The CPU is responsible for directing the graphics data from memory and disk to the video adapter just as for any "peripheral" device.

Until it does so, the GPU has nothing to work on. So it is the first potential bottleneck. A MoBo integrated video adapter MAY be able to work in conjunction with an "addon" video card, or it may obstruct one.

This is one of those specific design features nobody talks about and you can only work it out by trial and error.

However, it does recognize which "port" connector the display is plugged into. As far as the CPU is concerned, the video adapter and the "display" are basically the same: The video adapter handles the signaling requirements of the display.

Solutions can safely be combined, but those with less than 4GB of system RAM need to exercise caution and only implement one at a time, as they will come at the expense of memory otherwise needed by the game and OS.

In the "Think tank" after having the last conversation with Dr. Klein, and then exiting the think tank It crashes to desktop.

I can tell it's the end of Old World Blues, because of the fact that sometimes it will play music for a second, like it does at the end of the other DLCs, along with your video ending.

But it just crashes to desktop. Upon using the game menu to "Exit to desktop", it simply hangs and Windows reports FNV has stopped responding.

As this can leave system memory in an unknown state, best practice is to reboot the system first. Naturally this is very annoying. Specific known example of this is the It is implied by the alternate 3.

However, you can press the "Windows Logo" key assuming your keyboard has one. For a complete list of the console commands, type help in the console.

The Tilde key should be to the left of the 1 key on the top row. If you are in the UK, and have your keyboard configured for the UK, the key is not going to be the same.

That's where the tilde is on a US keyboard. If you have a system with the Microsoft eHome remote sensor, aka "infrared" or MS Media Center devices, these will conflict with the program being able to read the scan code for the tilde key from the keyboard.

Those Microsoft eHome devices or drivers need to be disabled in order to allow the game to 'see' the tilde key being pressed.

Gamebryo and Creation console commands. In certain locations the game appears to freeze when looking in certain directions. Attempting to use the mouse to turn in place takes seconds to respond in changing the direction of view.

Sometimes "strange things" happen when you press a key and you wonder just what keystrokes were being sent. This issue occurs with the vanilla game and no mods installed.

It may have worked fine with older versions of Windows, but now fails with the latest. So you don't forget, see Issue: GECK crashes upon starting to have the executable itself prompt you, or create a "shortcut" link which prompts you for this.

This can cause confusion as to where to look. See also the wiki GECK: Tips and Tricks article. For instance, if the player is in a room with walls on all sides, the player cannot see anything outside of the walls.

Objects behind these walls don't need to rendered. While this seems obvious to us, game engines sometimes have a hard time making these decisions.

But because these are not related to adjacent cells anymore, you end up with large invisible parts. Obviously, the value of this setting depends upon circumstances, so it is not "set once and forget".

The GECK will automatically add any "master" file that is loaded when you save your plugin. These are usually ESM files, but there are exceptions.

The game engine and GECK will consider any file with the ESM flag set in the file header as a "master" regardless of the file extension.

Once a "master" file has become listed as part of a plugin's "file header" record, you have to use xEdit to "Clean Masters" to remove it safely or you will corrupt your plugin.

This procedure is described in the Tome of xEdit manual. This file gets created when you first start using the GECK , and saves any customizations you make to it's interface e.

The problem that can arise is when your changes don't work out as you intended and you wish to revert to the default values. There may be a "reset" button in the GECK window, but it only affects the current edit session: INI so you have the default values to refer to.

Otherwise, all you can do is delete or rename the file and let GECK rebuild it the next time it starts. Typically this is a "list box" type field on the form.

Created a new world space and set WastelandNV as parent, using land and map data from the parent. Everything seems to be working fine except for a huge gray square covering most of the render window when trying to view the new world space.

This is a built-in game Main Menu setting, under: It is also accessible from the "Pause Menu" screen during a game session.

It is only visibly in effect in FPV. Only certain weapons have this "feature", though some mods add it to weapons that lack it in vanilla. When this setting is enabled, those weapons will switch: Without the "True Iron Sights" setting to ON, the same "weapon centered in the screen" view is displayed, but the "rear sight" on the weapon is lower down and you cannot "truly" align the front and rear sights.

You use the "crosshair" instead. The situation is a bit more complex than it appears on the surface. Apparent weapon position is determined by the animation files.

It is also tied in with whether or not you use the game's "Auto Aim" feature, which is active by default. In addition there are various "Field of View" FOV settings the game switches between under certain circumstances, which affect what is visible of the scene.

With "full auto" weapons, when aiming down the "iron sights" in 1st person and firing even with "JIP Select Fire" set to single shot the whole weapon seems to jump down so that the iron sights are below the actual aim point.

When you stop firing it returns to normal. The camera zooms back out, but nothing else. The number can be changed to further increase or decrease the duration.

EBT increases this to It won't prevent multiple decals from being shown, but if you lower the number, additional decals above the value you set for this variable will fade out very quickly FalloutPrefs.

The Fallout series is known for being "bloody" and "gory" with dismembered limbs, exploding heads, and chunks of viscera "gore globs" and splashes of blood lying about.

The game does have a generally undocumented setting to turn ALL the blood and gore off, which is apparently enabled by default in the German regional "no gore" version; but no finer control over the chances of such occurring when sufficient damage is applied.

When you unpack the BSA's to do modding for Fallout NV, the Actor's grow abnormally large foreheads which make people look half-bald, and make it so hair sticks out of hats, or hats become embedded in the heads.

Problems getting various custom body replacements, such as "Type 3" and "Type 6", to work correctly. Problems getting custom heads or head elements e.

Hair and Eyes to work correctly with a specific body replacement mod. There is a long standing issue with custom races, hair and eye incompatibility causing CTD.

This is most commonly seen as a difference between the skin color of the head and the body. This is a "texture" problem.

Adjusting the tone sliders in the racemenu does not change anything. No matter your opinion of the matter, one of the most common reasons for installing a "body replacer" is to enable a "nude body" when clothing and armor are removed.

Some would prefer to not have to get into the complexities of resorting to "custom races". Commonly seem with Fallout Character Overhaul FCO designed to remodel NPC faces in combination with various other character mods and mods that affect appearance, especially eyes.

This can be done successfully, but requires close adherence to the FNVR3 install instructions. Even so, many people have had problems with crashes and performance in heavily modded games.

Upon opening a save, the player character is suddenly invisible except for their shadow. NPCs act like the character is present. Loading an earlier save doesn't have the problem.

Desire to remove visible map markers in a mod that appear before the site has actually been visited. This problem seems to occur more frequently with high-end systems, but across all sorts of platforms and video cards.

You may find some things invisible, not rendered, or apparently "transparent walls" in some interior cells; without ENB or other "post processor" installed or active.

A companion has suddenly gone "invisible" in the game, and nothing seems to make them visible again. Their marker appears on the Pipboy map, but they do not seem to physically be there upon traveling to that location.

Entering some locations e. Collision still seems to be functioning the character doesn't fall thorough the "gray areas" if they are enetered.

Note this is not "sun glare", which is when you look directly at the sun in game. Be aware that there is a "light dome effect" around the New Vegas strip which is quite visible from a distance at night.

Daylight surfaces within this dome area are blindingly bright from some angles on default settings. This appears to be by design. Playing with widescreen Based upon this Reddit thread.

After installing a Body, Armor, or Skin replacement mod, wound decals no longer appear on most enemies. When they do appear, it's only on the legs.

This happens with non-humanoid NPCs like Bighorners as well. The game engine treats distant 2D "vegetation trees" and "sign billboards" identically beyond the immediate foreground as "level of detail" LOD distant "tree" objects.

The resulting "images" collectively make up "billboards" which are combined into an "atlas". It also lists these "missing" textures in the xLODGen log file.

This is often desired to determine the source of a missing texture solid color or mesh the White "! Uninstalled "Fallout Character Overhaul" FCO in mid game, but forgot to switch to a vanilla race first and got stuck in the ground and constantly have to use the "tcl" console command to rise up vertically.

The most obvious symptom is a Caucasian head on an other racial body. However, sometimes only the first companion in the list is sent away, and the others come along as part of your party.

Even though you have completed "Honest Hearts", gotten everything from the rewards locker and have the "Map of Zion" from the Sorrows Camp, upon activating the cave door to the Southern Passage you get the message that without a guide or a map you have no hope of finding your way back to the Mojave.

As in blowing up the silo and running back to the elevator, get stuck unable to move after the cutscene is done playing.

The issues can appear both before and after a cutscene plays. Occasionally hearing a rapid "thumping" or "slow buzzing" sound, like something is vibrating or falling off shelves.

The default Timescale is a " Unable to perform actions like harvesting plants or use a campfire because the game thinks you are a "child".

The corpse unexpectedly remains upright until 'bumped' by the player. This 'havok' collison will cause the corpse to drop to the ground and sprawl out.

This is not a bug, or something that can be "fixed". It takes some understanding of how this necessary game "garbage collection" works.

But this is usually hindered by all the [omitted] blood on the screen and I can barely see what's going on. This applies when any large number of NPCs who are probably in the same Faction are suddenly not acting as expected.

Even with the "Mark of Caesar" and while wearing Legion faction armor, legionnaires attack. Some effects such as "flash bangs" or electronic "zaps" may suddenly reduce all your "combat skills" to zero.

Positive values are not permitted. When attempting to install a ". FOMOD" file, there is almost always a problem preventing it.

Access to the path [ However, it has been found to become inaccurate over time more quickly if the timescale is adjusted to anything other than the default of 30 and eventually to fail to advance at all.

This causes problems with many vanilla and mod scripts; particularly in "Hardcore Mode" where the sudden advance can cause instant, unexpected death.

A few bullets to the torso should knock a human out of the fight. Can't shoot through openings in railings, bridges, vehicles, etc.

Using either of the main plugins alone has no apparent problem. This set of example solutions is designed to achieve the particular desired outcome.

With any quest the choice of dialog or actions depends upon that desired solution so adapt as needed. The usual resolution is to get such plugin "masters" sorted to conform to the overall "game load order", using xEdit.

However, the difference in how xEdit loads files from the game's sorted "load order" i. This is informational to explain the underlying cause.

There is no "fix" to implement. Unfortunately, each regional language version of the Fallout New Vegas game other than English has completely different FormIDs for all records from b75a and above, which also affects all references to those records in all records below that as well.

While this has obvious implications for translators, it also means mods developed for a different language version of the game won't work "out of the box" in another language.

The FormIDs won't match. Conversion would require determining what the FormID in one language version is in the other language version.

What's important is not the "record type" part e. But in a "Regional" language version of the game, the record number from "FalloutNV.

Changing the FormID in the mod e. You can't just change the name of a "language specific" plugin to keep compatibility with other later-loading "English language" mods.

It might sound like a good idea at first, but it would run the very real risk of less knowledgeable people attempting to run incompatible mods without even knowing it until something goes wrong, and then having no way to work out what is causing their issue and not knowing which mod is at fault.

Sometimes you find a chem or other temporary effect has caused a stat to become "stuck" in a "buff" bonus or "debuff" penalty state.

While previously working, suddenly the quick key binding for weapons no longer functions, and cannot be rebound. Note the "Installing" section contains important instructions regarding the placement of certain files, including specific versions of DirectX files.

See "Cause-1" of Issue: Vanilla game Hangs on startup and the ENB download page for details. Copy these files if necessary. Failure to heed this is the second most common cause of failure.

If you do uninstall, be sure to remove the provided D3D9. However, do note that it is required to use the ENBoost feature, which is separate from the post-processor effects.

EXE" file they moved there when installing that executable. This does not apply to the " injector " method, which requires the "D3D9.

DLL" file to remain in the game root folder. Bound to Please Adam N. Come again Baby Adam N. No Escape Adam N. More Duvet Roll Adam N. Eaves Solo-F; Sbf; fantasy; pantyhose; scarves; bagged; zipbag; encase; breathplay; cupboard; fist; voy; mast; climax; cons; X The Bag Revisited Adam N.

Bag To Bag Adam N. Eaves Solo-F; fantasy; pantyhose; bond; bagged; encase; plastic; cupboard; breathplay; tease; toys; insert; mast; climax; cons; X Skin Tight Bagging Adam N.

Eaves Solo-F; fantasy; pantyhose; bond; bagged; encase; plastic; cupboard; boxed; breathplay; tease; toys; insert; mast; climax; cons; X Eaves MF; tease; kiss; fondle; insert; mast; oral; sex; climax; rom; cons; X

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