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Fanpost und kontaktadresse von Fußballspieler Cristiano Ronaldo. 9. Juli Der mögliche Wechsel von Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo von Real Madrid zu Juventus Turin hält die Fußball-Welt weiterhin auf Trab. Juli Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo gewinnt endlich auch mit Portugal einen grossen Titel. Dem bestbezahlten Sportler der Welt winken neue. Ein Titelgewinn gelang durch den 4: Rafa Benitez steht nun in den Startlöchern, das Zepter bei Real zu übernehmen. Hinzu kommen Firestorm 7™ Slot Machine Game to Play Free in Rivals Online Casinos TopPlatzierungen bei diesen Wahlen. Die Geschäfte seien den britischen und spanischen Behörden bekannt gewesen. Im Achtelfinale folgte ein 1: Mein Vater war Alkoholiker. In den letzten sieben Partien der Saison erzielte Ronaldo acht Tore. Dabei hatte er anfänglich Akzeptanzprobleme bei den Kameraden, die zumeist aus der näheren Novo gaminator 3 book of ra Lissabons stammten und sich über Ronaldos spezifischen Dialekt aus Madeira lustig machten. Pflichtspieltor für den englischen Klub erzielte. Kein Tag vergeht ohne Schlagzeile über den portugiesischen Angreifer.

ronaldo kontakt cristiano -

Die Welt , November , abgerufen am The Times , Trotz des frühen Ausscheidens gehörte er mit vier Toren zu den besten Torschützen des Turniers. Bei den Madrilenen gelang Ronaldo ein Rekordstart. Anfang April erzielte er beim 3: Dabei lässt sich über den Begriff Kommunikation sogar noch vortrefflich streiten. Luis Suarez Uruguay 61 Millionen

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ronaldo kontakt cristiano -

Hierfür hatte er über 40 Spiele weniger benötigt als der bisherige Rekordhalter Zarra Spiele. Follower-Rangliste auf Facebook, Instagram und Twitter: Die Augsburger Allgemeine bietet Ihnen ein umfangreiches, aktuelles und informatives Digitalangebot. Er erzielte insgesamt 26 Ligatore in 27 Spielen. Forum Veröffentlichen ihre rückkopplung. Besondere Brisanz hatte diese Hinausstellung, da Ronaldo nach Rooneys Tätlichkeit an Ricardo Carvalho wegen angeblicher Beeinflussung des Schiedsrichters ein unsportliches Verhalten attestiert wurde. Im ersten Gruppenspiel der WM, einem 3: Nach einer Stunde beim Stand von 1: Spiegel Online , Ronaldo selbst hatte in 35 Pflichtspielen 33 Tore erzielt. Höhepunkte lieferte einmal mehr die Europapokalsaison: Juli gab Ronaldo via Facebook und Twitter bekannt, Vater eines Sohnes geworden zu sein und für diesen das alleinige Sorgerecht übernommen zu haben. Hacienda acepta el pacto de Cristiano Ronaldo: Und eine Sache scheint sicher: Das Spiel ging jedoch in der Verlängerung mit 1: Für Benitez wird der CR7-Wunsch wahr. Der Portugiese hat sein Spiel verändert. Der portugiesische Nationalspieler hat auf dem Weg dorthin seinen Stil umgestellt. Ohne den angeschlagenen Ronaldo wurde der Auftakt durch eine 0: Süddeutsche Zeitung , 4. Geburtstag, führte er Portugal erstmals als Kapitän aufs Spielfeld. Kane folgt auf James. Champions-League-Einsatz für Real Madrid sein James Rodriguez Kolumbien 86 Millionen 5.

I am yor biggest fan I wish yo the best of lck in yor next game and I jst want a reply from yo that's all I need to know that yo are there Tosin xx.

My name is Jashim uddin. I am in Bangladeshi and I am 23 year's old. Which is located in Dhanmondi, Dhaka, Bangladesh.. I'm now reading the last trimester in United International University.

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May I ask your email address Mr. I have a soccer team compromises of Old Players and obesity ones, age range is in between 33 and We played football 3 day a week to maintain a good health.

Please to sponsor the team with jersey. The team name is Oreaba FC Thanks. Christiano Ronaldo Introdce the name henry wibowo I came frome Indonesia asia I was a father to have a wife and threechildren I'm gratefl to be able to find this address becase I need help my firs child will contine school and need fnds forit's so good Yo may help s with yor kindnes and sincerity so that or life can be better for many years i was working bt cold not spport the family we wish yo read a father's heart and share it to s.

But unfortunately due to several unavoidable reasons beyond my control mainly my partner cheated me I had to close down the business.

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Are you cristiano ronaldo im your number 1 fane beacuse i try to play like you Thank you my name is kieran.

Hi ronaldo i and my friend robin ,kishore and we are your biggest fans. I need your autograph for my boyfriend his name is Chintan Sir I want gift him on this Valentin day so plz kindly requesting u to send.

I can even die for you Sir you are like god to me. Sir you are greatest hero of our generation Your are greatest than Messi and even the great Pele No one can do such things that I can do for you I can't live without you Sir.

I m silly boy who have football fever and want to be a footballer. I assure you that I will never lay your believes down Hi Ronaldo can to come one day the province Ontario in canada the city is Brampton and the street is 17 merritonia street bye by the way please come on the 26 of December this year.

Hi , could I kindly be your brand ambassador or something else to promote your brands here in Zambia. I just wish I can make something to sponsor myself with school.

Even any other work I can do for you to help me I know you work very hard to get were you are, I can equally promise to work extra hard emulate you and not to disappoint at all.

Hi Cristiano I am a very big fan and I would like to go to Spain and meet you there because I am all the way at Australia,Perth and I have always wanted to be a very good soccer player like you and I tried to go to a good team but the coaches hear are not really good From, Mustafa.

Good morning sir my name is jinny from south africa i am starting a business but i have a shortage of finance and i am starting this business with a friend of mine by the name of vhutshilo life so we humble request your help as an investor in our business and we would like to have a chating meeting with you so that we briefly explain our business innovation in full and we would appriciate your response as soon as you can I am one of you r biggest fans and I know all of your skills.

Can you tell me please if you are don't have any football matches in Jan 30 can you come to my house for 2 days. This is my home address: My mentor i wold really want to meet with yo.

I am one of yor greatest fan. I seriously in need of your help financially my account number: Hi CR7, I admire your hardworking spirit and humbleness.

Keep working hard as you do. I need a sponsor for a football team for young boys below 12yrs in my area country-Malawi. The sponsorship can be in any form, uniforms, football equipment, cash etc.

Hi Ronaldo I m Anjali from India. I love u my dream is to meet u. Your one smile make me to forget about my pain. I know you never do anything wrong.

No one is my favorite no celebraties only you are my favorite. My only wish to god is to make you happy always. I don't know you read my message or not but I am happy that you are happy.

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If you also want to write your name in the space on the example of Japan, the US, or Italy then drop me a text and help on the scene with the money.

Ola cristiano, td bem? Eu acredito que sim. A request from fan. Hello Ronaldo, My name is Farhan. I am presently in Somalia. I wish you to assist me while I am playing.

My age is 10 years only. Please come to Somalia. Asking help to pay academy fees. Hello sir, My name is Ansh Mehra from India.

I am 23 years old and I want to be a pro footballer. I am willing to give all it takes, I will work hard, I will do everything it demands to be a professional footballer.

I am writing all this because only Cristiano can help me. I am not from a rich family background so no one is helping me even if they want to help.

I want to join Algarve academy and they are asking Euro for 2 years training. It is impossible for me to manage that huge amount.

I need help sir reply me please. Doja Adewale Marcus says: Now I see why some celebrities never get to reply some chats or emails. I just went through comments to you now and I was stunned.

Anyway thanks for being the person you are CR7. Continue doing your thing. Madrid must win the Champions League again. Good morning, Please can I get the direct email to CR7?

I don't know how else to get in touch, efforts to get in touch with clubs have been frustrating over the years. Getting in touch with footballers too.

Please help me out. Hello Cristiano Ronaldo, First of all just to say what a footballer you are. You are an amazing talent. Me and my kids love your game.

Me, my wife and three kids, we are from United Kingdom and living a struggling life. Me and my Mrs under huge debt which looks impossible to clear.

We both work full time and tried our best to provide everything to our kids. But this debt is putting us down we can't be happy as a family because of this debt.

I request to if you could help us to clear this debt. I heard alot you helping others and giving charities. I will be so grateful if you help us out getting out of this debt.

Any reply will be much appreciated. Hello Cristiano Ronaldo, I am highly interested to meet with you but I have no option.

I have a dream to meet with you. Every match I am seeing and following your fan clubs post. Sometimes I make your picture as my profile picture.

When you lose any match I am also crying. Sometimes I see you in my dream. I don't know how I am going to become your very much ideal person.

I will be highly obliged if you reply me and tell me how to meet with. Hello Cristiano Ronaldo, You are my favorite player.

My name Vinay and I am from India. I continue to see your match. Sir your number lucky is 7 and you are a lucky man.

Your team win I hope you. Love you Cristiano Ronaldo. You can call me. Clinton Peprah is my name and a ghanaian. I am a potential footballer just like you and I am 19 years old.

Ghana league and their football quarters isn't helping the potential youth in realizing their dreams. Here is my contact: Please my request is that if you can assist any football club if Real Madrid cool to make a football trials here in Ghana and select some good players to play outside which I can be one of them.

I hope you accept my request with a kind heart. Hello Cristiano Ronaldo, You are my idol in soccer.

We did a thing called Night of Notables and I request could you please send me some of your shoes or you will not be my soccer idol and Lionel Messi will be my idol then.

I have twin grandsons aged 8. One of them called Sebastian as most boys are so mad about Ronaldo.

He adores football and understand a very good player. Do you have a fan club? I could join him in for Christmas it would make his day.

His name is Sebastian Flynn. Need help to complete study. Hello Cristiano Ronaldo, I am always happy anytime you are on the pitch especially when you scored a hatrick.

So, I want you to help me financially in order to complete my academic study in college. Hello Cristiano Ronaldo, You are the world's best player.

I am always happy anytime you are on the pitch especially when you scored a hatrick. God help you more as you do. Need financial help for study.

I will appreciate any assistance you may give me. Hello Cristiano Ronaldo, I am a big fan of yours and really would love to take a picture with you.

Message from a fan. I love the only player in the world i. I am your big fan. Hello sir, I am your big fan and I also play good soccer.

I want to meet you and I want to become a professional soccer player. Praise by a fan. Hello Ronaldo, I like you and how you are playing football.

You and your team are so good like bale, pepe and the other ones. Looking for financial help in completing studies. Hello Cristiano, Please I need a help from you.

I know you can help me. I am an orphan and I am in school. I just need a little money to pay my school fees in final year which is polytechnic to round up.

Thanks and God bless you. To whom this message concern, please read it to the legend Cristiano Ronaldo. Hello, I am father of a 6 years old son who has motor delay problems.

It means until this age he can't talk, walk or even sit. I am writing to ask him as a father to help me support my son financially since he is in need of different kinds of therapies.

If you wish, I can send his pictures and medical files. I am an English teacher in Iran. Please I am eagerly waiting to hear from you.

Hello Cristiano, Please atleast I want to hear your voice. I really love you so much and I like your way. Hello Cristiano, Love you so much.

I really want to see you and take one selfie. It is my ambition. I always pray to god that before my death I want to see you one time.

Hello, I am a big fan of yours. I like the way you play the way you score from a long distance. This makes me love you because you are the best player ever in this world.

Mail from a fan. Hello Cristiano, I am your die hard fan. I am from India. You rule all over the world and all over India.

You are the greatest football player the world has had. Lots of love and you are my idol and will be my idol forever. Hello, I am a single child and my father has diabetes and is disabled.

I am a student. I am financially in a bad condition. I heard you are a good man. A request for a small child fan. My son is 8 years old and is a massive Ronaldo fan.

The other day he asked if Ronaldo liked him as he doesn't follow him on Instagram. Could you arrange for Ronaldo to write to him as a Christmas surprise as he watches him all the time on YouTube etc.

I would be very grateful. I don't care what people say about you but you are the best player in the world so far I am concerned.

My wish is to see you in person, performing your trickish skills in my presence and also play in Real Madrid, FC.

I am 14 years of age and a good attacker looking for a sponsorer and I believe that God will touch your heart and make this my dream a reality.

Greetings to Cristiano Ronaldo. Need financial help for food. Good afternoon, I am a crossfade poor woman from Indonesia.

I heard you are a football player who has a generous heart. Can I ask for help from you? Although I am not so sure that you will help me, but I still want to invoke concern in your heart for me.

I hope you would help me. A year ago, my house collapsed and therefore I am currently renting a house, and my life is getting harder to survive.

Me and my children often starve because they do not have money to buy food, because the money I collect will only be able to pay the rent and the school fees of my child.

I hope you can help me, can you do it? I had to tell all of this to you, because here there is no one as generous.

You are willing to help others who are in trouble, and indeed this is what I experienced today, I hope you are not angry. Hello Cristiano Ronaldo, I am your number one fan.

I want you to help me and my country Somalia. I am staying in Mogadishu, Somalia. Please help me if you can send me , Euro.

Please call me at my phone. You are a good person. Hello Ronaldo, My name is Linda. Me and my bestfriend have a big problem.

We are student in Slovakia at university. This year we graduated but we don't have some money to finish school. We know you are billionaire.

So if it is possible please send Euro. With love, Linda and Lillien. Hello, I am Kitimbo henry from Uganda. I am kindly requesting you for financial support like dollars only.

Need help and sponsorship. Hello Cristiano, There are many fans of you in southern part of Africa, mainly Zambia. People are dying from hunger, failing to progress in education, because they lack sponsorship.

Diseases like cancer, malaria and many more are killing us. I believe in you since at Manchester, from , I have been dying to contact you.

All I am asking is for you to set up a CR7 hope foundation, through me, to help the needy and support football in Zambia.

Diseases can be slowly declined. Looking forward to hear from you. De Luca Goffredo says: Hello Cristiano Ronaldo, My daughter and my two nephews are big fan of yours.

Is it possible to get from you by postal a 3 signature cards? Ideally, the signature card should arrive before December 6th St.

Here is the address: Need money for studies. Ronaldo, I am Ronald 23 years from Uganda. I finished my s. I beg you to help me if possible. My name is Ibrahim from Lagos Nigeria.

I am your die heart fan since when you were 17 years old. Please I need your help. I wanted to start agriculture business.

Please I need financial support. Top Stories View all. Juve, Dybala on what intrigued him most about Ronaldo Calciomercato.

Ronaldo could score in Juventus-Milan Calciomercato. Ronaldo's family keeps getting bigger United loss came 'at best possible time' ESPN. Ronaldo excuses himself to Manchester United fans Calciomercato.

In the last half-hour. Romagnoli can be 'the best' Football Italia Romagnoli can become 'the best' Football Italia Ronaldo puts positive spin on Juventus' 1st loss of season Sportskeeda Messi and Ronaldo are still the world's best, insists Mbappe The Independent Daily and Sunday Express Manchester United's love affair with late comebacks continues in Turin Sportskeeda Cristiano Ronaldo closes in on Messi's record; equals great European milestone Sportskeeda Juventus Manchester United: Ronaldo still finds no place in Portugal squad Gulf Today This is brilliant Daily and Sunday Express Portugal recall four but Ronaldo remains absent FourFourTwo Ronaldo left out again by Portugal Reuters Ronaldo left out again by Portugal Reuters.

Red Devils' Player Ratings Sportskeeda

Cristiano ronaldo kontakt -

Cristiano Ronaldo durchlief die Juniorennationalmannschaften seines Landes. Lediglich im letzten Gruppenspiel traf er mit seinem Im Finale unterlag Portugal dem Eröffnungsspielgegner Griechenland mit 0: Für Benitez wird der CR7-Wunsch wahr. Juni Anklage gegen Ronaldo und wirft ihm vor, im Zeitraum von bis mit einem Firmengeflecht in Irland und den British Virgin Islands Werbegelder vor dem Finanzamt verschleiert und so Steuern in Höhe von 14,7 Millionen Euro hinterzogen zu haben. Ronaldo selbst hatte in 35 Pflichtspielen 33 Tore erzielt. Sir, my landline phone is no di I love you so much. Spinzilla casino acredito que sim. Flash floods have Sir Jackpot Casino Review – Expert Ratings and User Reviews at least 11 people and 3, tourists have been evacuated in Jordan Sir I have a problem. Ronaldo puts positive video slots game on Juventus' 1st loss of season Sportskeeda Please trust me what I have written to you above. Christiano Ronaldo Introdce the name henry wibowo I came frome Indonesia asia I was a father to have a wife and cristiano ronaldo kontakt I'm gratefl to be able to find this address becase I need help my firs child will contine school and need fnds forit's so good Yo may help s with yor kindnes and sincerity so that or life can be better for many years i was working bt cold not spport the family we wish yo read a father's heart and share it to s. Posted on Oct 26, at I needs money to finish L'University. We did a thing called Night top 190 düsseldorf Notables and I request could you please send me some of your shoes or you will not be my soccer idol and Lionel Messi will be my Beste Spielothek in Dörenthe finden then. Hallo,cristiano, i am agus sudigdo from indonesia, i need your help for me,, i know you will be help me, for atp french open 2019, email me, back, sorry my english not good,, tank you,. Posted on Nov 25, at I hope you can Beste Spielothek in Seegel finden me, can you do it?


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